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Kitchen products in Palma de Mallorca

Kitchen products

Cooking The Kitchen Company - Palma offers you, if you are fond of the culinary world in Palma de Mallorca, the best Kitchen products. Sometimes we think that someproducts for cooking may be unnecessary for our kitchen, but we never imagine how some of them can speed up our work and save us a golden time.

Le Creuset

The Le Creuset brand is synonymous in Europe with high-quality cast iron cocottes and pans, pastry molds, kitchen utensils, accessories to enjoy wine and much more.

Le Creuset products are recognized in the best cuisine around the world for the quality
of their design and especially for the quality of their materials, guaranteed for many years by the French brand.


Magimix enters the 21st century with a new model of small appliances: those that do most of the culinary functions and cook for you.

The Magimix multifunction robot is today one of the most powerful on the market. The new
Magimix Cook Expert kitchen robot has been designed to be the best in the European market and it has succeeded!


Cristel is one of the most prestigious kitchenware manufacturers in the world. All its products are designed and manufactured in France, by a team that has a long experience since generations, and a huge investment in research and innovation.

Cristel kitchen utensils are designed for simple use, optimal technical performance and a design conceived as a real pleasure. They pass exhaustive quality controls to ensure their  urability, the resistance of the welds, the thermal adhesion ofthe glass covers... They are guaranteed for life.


KitchenAid is much more than just a robot, it will become an indispensable instrument in

your kitchen with which you can let your culinary creativity run free.

Discover all the accessories and models.


A smoke-free barbecue, simple, practical, very easy to use and clean.

Forget about spending a long time to enjoy a barbecue: LotusGrill ligths the charcoal in a

simple and fast way and you have the barbecue running in less than 3 minutes. 


KAI Shun Spain, within the KAI series with damascus steel, has become one of its

best-selling knife series. Because of its cutting quality and appearance are one of the best-selling series in Spain.

KAI also manufactures other accessory products such as knife covers, whetstones,

suitcases and briefcases for knives, cutting boards, professional electric sharpeners

and more.

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