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About us

Cooking Palma is a company dedicated to kitchenware of the best quality for both professional and domestic use. You can find all kinds of items with a unique quality and treatment for your kitchen.

You will not be able to wait to return home and experiment in your kitchen with all the necessary tools. Although we cannot promise you to become a top-notch chef overnight, you can improve your kills, try new things and, most important, make cooking a delightful experience.

Services we offer

We have Free Parking (Comte Sallent) to make your purchases with complete tranquility or if you wish we can deliver your shopping to your home. Our cooking workshops will transport you to other places, traveling around the world and discovering the original techniques used by the natives.

In addition, we make free shipments to any point of the island and we have a private shopping service. We open on Sundays, upon prior request.

If you like cooking, get our items. Visit us now!

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